Beijing introduction of service standards of accommodation industry requirements of environmental pr

energy saving and environmental protection, not only to each of us, but also to the whole society. By the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission organized the development of the local standards of Beijing, the quality of service standards and assessment of the residence in the capital window and comments. Draft for the first time on the per capita floor space requirements, while requiring the hotel must have energy saving, environmental protection measures.

in recent years, energy conservation, environmental protection has become a new trend, which, the draft added requirements. Draft pointed out that the general layout of the hotel should deal with the relationship between the main building and auxiliary building. read more

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nvestment in the baby pool note – the whole

maternal and child market, has been very hot, small venture to choose the mother and child market, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities is not it? So, the small business choose to invest in maternal and child market should pay attention to what?

1, environmental issues. No matter how the infant swimming pool size, store environment must be clean, clean and tidy, so as to provide a warm and comfortable environment of infant swimming pool, let the parents take the baby swimming at ease, comfortable heart. read more

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Zheng Ji congee procedure

went back to breakfast at this particular point in time, the food and beverage joined the project will be able to choose the quasi goal of winning the crown. Breakfast is a market you can’t imagine. It should be said that there is no scene in China’s food and beverage industry is very bleak investment projects, the existence of a kind of food is the truth of the industry. So choose to join the brand breakfast, breakfast is a good choice to open a shop. Xiao Bian recommended for you – Zheng Ji porridge shop. read more

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Small business – roaming coffee project

now husband and wife shop things common, when two people have a common goal, the shop has become a thing that everyone likes to do. At present, many people in the community in order to dream and work hard, so we are getting more and more hurried. Mr. Li couple wanted to slow down and enjoy life at the same time also can have their own career, roaming coffee exposed to accidentally become the starting point of their dreams of wealth, Li Xiansheng couple has been hoping to open a coffee shop, play melodious music in the store, enjoy a quiet life and earn wealth after, have a certain economic ability, the young couple decided to open a store like this. read more

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What king – a bowl of whole join advantage

delicious food and beverage project is a strong competition in the food and beverage market, the first thing to do is to taste the food is followed by the service, when both have a later, you will become a well-known brand of consumer chasing. A bowl of noodle belonging to King Wang Renhe’s flagship brand, green health concept, with the skin signs delicacy of small cattle / rice line into the store is required diners choose Wang Renhe for delicacy, noodle rice / Wang Renhe classic line, customers can add onions, coriander, mashed garlic, chili oil and other ingredients according to their preferences. Delicious soup, smooth chewy rice, with delicious beef with yellow, mixed up the fragrance spread in the mouth, the taste is too wonderful for words! read more

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Luo Qi joined the curtain project Unlimited Business Opportunities of good fortune

in our lives, there is always a need for curtains. Undoubtedly, the entrepreneurs choose to join the business with a small capital Luo Qi curtain project, is also very has the advantage of choice. Join Luo Qi curtain project, what are you still hesitating?

curtain fabric join make money?

brand stores to join the curtain Luo Qi how much money? There are prospects for hair? Luo Qi joined the chain stores to join the chain to sell the freight, agent consignment. The company provides legal, tax, business registration and other advisory services; provide financial, human resources management and other professional advice; to provide business guidance and market supervision tour. The company to the quality of the products returned. Feel the pulse of fashion life, beating fashion, the pursuit of perfection, dare to follow the fashion, to create their own investment. The most secure, operating the most relaxed and carefree. Luo Qi curtains to join the chain more investment market, a wider range of investment, the most advantageous investment partners, to provide the most efficient service for your life. More support to ensure that you win more exciting. read more

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China ten brand list – the whole

which market is hot, there is no doubt that the women’s market is certainly one of them, after all, women’s shopping ability is not generally strong. Moreover, the number of girls in Taobao shopping will be the number of clothing. In the daily life of girls common shopping is clothing and cosmetics, although Taobao cosmetics online and dresses as many categories, the price is much cheaper than to buy in the store, but because a lot of girls worry about quality problems, so women’s sales is higher than in cosmetics. read more

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Join the Capital Medical hall worth joining of acne scar removal

to solve skin problems more thoroughly, to choose medicine acne scar removal information hall? In our lives, with the increasing pressure of our lives, our skin will have some acne. So, to choose good acne scar removal medicine information hall?

beauty is human nature, so the traditional beauty industry is still supporting the rapid development of the economy of the four pillar industries. High return means high competition, the traditional beauty competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the streets, beauty salons, SPA everywhere, only to enter the market segments is the way out of the future of the beauty industry. Professional organization of research results, 2013 China Chudou skin repair scar, the market capacity of nearly 200 billion. Scar, acne, pigmentation, stretch marks and other skin repair problems, to be solved. read more

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Yang Li let honesty shop business more fire

how to be able to successy open a shop, each operator will have their own understanding, of course, I will have their own business philosophy. My name is Yang Li, Jiangsu County, Suining Province, a private cigarette customers in the District of, engaged in cigarette business for more than 10 years. In the operation, I put myself to do the real people, open heart shop as their business purposes, in the integrity of the business, the business is more prosperous.

just started, the store business is not good, the daily income is very limited. One day, a friend came to the door, quietly said: "you do not really do business, they sell cigarettes to earn a lot of money, a high-grade cigarette can earn hundreds of dollars, sell a few cigarettes a month’s room easily earn out." After listening to his words, my husband some heart, want to try a few. read more

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What is the 2017 soft ice trends

I do not know whether you know DF loves ice cream ice cream of this brand, don’t know if you know this DF ice cream and the new tactics, what together with small to see below!

is the largest supplier of soft ice cream dephone industry chain era (Beijing) International Business Chain Co. Ltd. announced days before:’s ice cream brand "DF ice cream", will be held on January 2017 to "Spring City" as the theme, launched a dozen new products, and further enrich the product line of stores. It is reported that the launch of the 6 major categories of new products, covering a variety of directions, including ice cream, drinks, snack foods, DF ice cream in recent years, the largest product line upgrade. read more

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