first_imgAT LARGE DR. H. DAN ADAMS(H) 812-425-4220(C) 812-459-4221 [email protected] LARGE MICHELLE MERCER(C) 812-56[email protected] LARGE JONATHAN WEAVER(H) [email protected] CLERKLAURA WINDHORSTCivic Center Complex Room 314 1 NW MLK, Jr. Blvd. 47708 (W) 812-436-4992 [email protected] COUNCIL ATTORNEY JOSHUA CLAYBOURN221 N.W. Fifth St 47708 P.O. Box 1507 47706 (W) 812-463-5277 (C) or [email protected] FOOTNOTE: This contact lists was provided to the City County Observer by CITY CLERK LAURA WINDHORST WARD 1 DAN MCGINN-FINANCE CHAIRMEN Attached below is the link to the handout that Mayor Winnecke gave to City Council members concerning the 2018 city budget.2018BudgetPresentationIf you have any questions or concerns pertaining to Mayor Winnecke’s 2018 budget requests please feel free to contract the following City of Evansville City officials listed below.CITY COUNCIL CONTACT INFORMATION FOR 2017 (H) [email protected] 2 MISSY MOSBY-PRESIDENT(C) [email protected] 3 JOHN HAYDEN(C) [email protected] CONSTANCEROBINSON(C) 812-204-3869(H) [email protected] 5 JUSTIN ELPERS-VICE CHAIRMAN(C) [email protected] 6 JIM BRINKMEYER(C) 812-480-6909 [email protected] ADMINISTRATION SAFETY & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEEChair: Jim Brinkmeyer Members: All Members of CouncilFINANCE COMMITTEEChair: Dan McGinnMembers: All Members of CouncilPUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEEChair: Jonathan WeaverMembers: All Members of Council 8 17 Mayor Winnecke 2018BudgetPresentationFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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