Get to Know these 10 Obscure SpiderMan Characters

first_imgStay on target Spider-Man has been around for 0ver 50 years. During his decades as a superhero, he has made many allies and enemies. However, not every character that has been created as a part of the Spider-Man mythos has gained the popularity that, say, Miles Morales or Doctor Octopus has. Here, we take a look at 10 of the best obscure characters in the web-slinger’s life.Jackpot – Arguably one of the weaker characters on this list, Jackpot emerged during the Brand New Day storyline, after Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson’s marriage was erased from history by Mephisto.  Due to Jackpot looking similar to MJ, it was teased for a long time in the comic that she was actually just MJ in the costume. Eventually, this was revealed to not be the case, around the same time that the Secret Invasion storyline was going on.Spider-Girl – Anya Corazon is a half-Mexican/half-Puerto Rican teenager who was created by writer Fiona Avery and artist Mark Brooks. Granted spider powers by a Spider-deity, Anya originally chose to go by the moniker Arana, before eventually becoming known as the Spider-Girl.Boomerang – A D-list villain, Frederick Myers throws boomerangs really well. That’s about it…. well, Fred is a former baseball player who turned to a life of crime after his career was ruined. Most recently, he was seen leading the Sinister Five Six in the Superior Foes of Spider-Man by writer Nick Spencer and artist Steve Lieber.Spidercide – During the controversial Clone Saga of the 1990’s, clones of Spider-Man seemed to pop up everywhere. Despite having not gained the fanbase that the Ben Reilly and Kaine clones did, Spidercide was a memorable clone. A plain looking, Hulk-like Spider-Man clone who could morph his body structure, Spidercide was convinced he was the real Peter Parker before eventually coming to terms with being designed to kill Spider-Man.The Wraith – Yuriko Watanabe is a police officer for the NYPD and a strong supporter of Spider-Man. Using equipment stolen from supervillains, she becomes the Wraith, posing as the ghost of Spider-Man’s deceased friend, Jean DeWolff. A scourge of the criminal underworld, she recently went on the run after almost murdering Mister Negative.The Shocker – Herman Schultz is a genius inventor and is probably the most recognizable character on this list. An incompetent villain, Herman developed his vibro-gauntlets that are powerful to knock down brick walls. Set to appear in next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, Shocker’s popularity seems to be on the rise after getting a lead role in the Superior Foes of Spider-Man series.Alpha – Andrew Maguire was just a punk teenager, until a trip to Horizon Labs, and a freak accident, left him zapped with Parker Particles, discovered by none other than the Spider-Man himself. Alpha has since taken up protecting the city of Pittsburgh.Ezekiel – An old man with a penchant for not wearing enough clothes or footwear, Ezekiel first appeared in J. Michael Straczynski and artist John Romita Jr.’s Spider-Man in the early-2000’s. Claiming to be the first of the same kind of “Spider”-people that Peter is, Ezekiel acted as a mentor  for Peter until he, unfortunately, met his demise at the eight hands of a massive spider.The Prowler – Hobie Brown is a technological genius hailing from the Bronx. Initially using his skills for robberies, he came into conflict with Spider-Man many times before eventually settling down and start a life for himself and his wife. Recently, Hobie was killed while working as a substitute Spider-Man while Peter Parker was out of the country. However, it seems as if there is a clone of Hobie, which leads us to…The Jackal – Miles Warren was a professor of biology at Empire State University, where he became obsessed with Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Eventually, he became the clone-crazy villain known as the Jackal and was responsible for the Clone Saga storyline in the 1990’s. Most recently, he has been revealed to have a big part of the new Clone Conspiracy and Dead No More storylines, the first issue of which is available in stores and online today. ‘Spider-Verse’ Creators Plan Sony Marvel TV ShowsWatch These Movies Before ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ last_img read more

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