Droid and My Tracks help win speeding ticket court case

first_imgDepending on where you live in the world you can get caught speeding in a number of different ways. The two most common are in a speed trap which uses a camera, or by a police officer monitoring a highway with a speed gun.Sahas Katta got pulled over by the police for speeding. He was apparently doing 40 in a 25mph zone. At the time he was too shocked to even question the speed, so he just accepted the ticket and carried on driving. But Sahas had a way of proving he wasn’t speeding that he hadn’t realized.On his dashboard sat a Motorola Droid smartphone, and running on the device was My Tracks. For those that don’t know, My Tracks allows a GPS enabled phone to record detailed statistics about time, speed, distance, and elevation travelled. Sahas checked the data his phone and app had been capturing while he drove and found he was only doing 26 when the officer logged his speed.With this new information to hand Sahas decided not to accept his speeding fine and mandatory driving attendance and instead headed to traffic court. He downloaded the My Tracks data, collected detailed information about how the GPS system and My Tracks works, cited another similar case, and confirmed with the officer during the court proceedings that there was no record of the gun he used being calibrated recently or when he last attended training for it.The risk of going to court was worth it in the end. The judge ruled in Sahas’ favor, but the reason given was a lack of evidence from the police rather than the proof offered by the GPS data.So next time you decide to go driving make sure you have an app like this running on your smartphone. You never know when the data will come in handy.Read more at Skatter Techlast_img read more

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