Myriad to allow Android apps to run on other phones virtually

first_imgIf you purchase a new smartphone there are a couple of choices you need to make beforehand. The first is what make and model of phone you desire, the second is the operating system you would prefer to use. Unfortunately, picking the phone inherently means you don’t have a choice in the OS it uses as they come pre-loaded.Myriad is set to change that if you want access to Android on a smartphone that doesn’t offer it as an OS. The solution is the Myriad Alien Dalvik virtual machine, which allows Android apps to be run on alternative operating systems seamlessly.This is actually more straightforward than it first seems. While Android is a full-blown operating system, Android apps run in a virtual machine due to the security that offers. So if you can recreate that emulation environment on another OS, the apps should run as normal and without any kind of performance hit to the app’s operation.Myriad will be demonstrating Alien Dalvik at the Mobile World Congress next week, but the video above gives you a preview of it running on MeeGo using Nokia N900 hardware.While users may find this useful if they have Android apps they like, but a non-Android phone, Myriad is actually aiming this at developers rather than consumers. Instead of developing an app for multiple platforms, Alien Dalvik allows an Android app to be developed and deployed everywhere. The user will not know an Android app is running on their other OS, as the virtual machine being used is completely transparent and the app just runs as if it is native.For the moment Alien Dalvik is slated to get a commercial release for MeeGo later this year. Other operating systems are going to be supported and Myraid say they will be announced in the next few months and hopefully in time for the initial launch.Read more at the Myriad press release, via Gigaomlast_img read more

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