INSUBORDINATION: Defiant city hall worker suspended for 60 days

first_img“Iwould not have filed a complaint before the Ombudsman had they not thrown me tothe Calajunan dumpsite to count garbage trucks,” he said. Accordingto Esteral, his reassignment which took effect on Aug. 20 was inconsistent withhis mandated duties as Bookbinder II. Accordingto Esteral, Junco further told him, “Buligilang kami ma-pin down ang mga Manikan! Balik ka dayon sa mother unit mo. Balik man si misis mo.” Esteralfurther claimed that on Aug. 30, Junco and Rico talked to him. “Forevery action, there is a legal reaction,” said Treñas. Readpart of Treñas’ formal charge as disciplining authority: “Upon evaluation ofavailable records or documents, and after due consideration of the foregoing,the undersigned finds that prima facie case exists against Joe Marie Esteralfor committing gross insubordination, grave misconduct and gross neglect ofduty.” Helearned about his reassignment from Sartorio, he stated in his complaint. Rico,on the other hand, asked him, “Anonabal-an mo sa mga anomaliya ni Manikan?Dala ka di sa kaso,” he stated in his Ombudsman complaint.  “Cooperateka tani, pre,” he quoted Junco asallegedly telling him. Esteral’ssuspension came a week after he hauled Treñas to the Office of the Ombudsmanfor grave coercion, grave misconduct, oppression, conduct prejudicial to thebest interest of the service, and unfair discrimination due to affiliation. ILOILOCity – The city government employee who defied the reassignment order of MayorJerry Treñas has been slapped with a 60-day suspension while facing investigationfor gross insubordination, grave misconduct and gross neglect of duty. Esteralwas reassigned to the dumpsite in August. On Sept. 19, he returned to the civilregistry office even without an order to do so. “Wala gid akogaintra sa pulitika, ngaa amo ini ang gakalatabo,” he said. “Ihave created a team that will investigate this and other infractions of thelaw,” Treñas told city hall reporters. Esteral’srefusal to obey the reassignment order and his unilateral return to his motherunit amounted to gross insubordination which warranted disciplinary action,Treñas stressed. Theother respondents in Esteral’s Ombudsman complaint were City AdministratorMelchor Tan, City General Services Office head Joren Sartorio, City LegalOfficer Edgardo Gil, Iloilo City Civil Registry assistant department headCherry Ampig, and Treñas’ executive assistants Fernando Jose Rico and RudiverJunco Sr. Sartorio,he claimed, told him, “Jom, bal-an mo nagid na, Jom. Sa babaw na. Wala komahimo. Akig gid si Mayor kag siMelchor kay boss mo Johncee. Siguro damay kalang di, pero kay boss mo gid silaakig kag sa ila grupo.” Esteralwondered how he would be able to support his family for two months. “Iwas ordered re-assigned not in the name of public service but because ofpolitics or because of the recently concluded election or my affiliation to Mr.Romeo C.L. Manikan, my then boss at the City Registrar’s Office,” read part ofEsteral’s complaint-affidavit. “Thefailure and refusal of Esteral to report to the office or unit where he wasassigned constitute flagrant and palpable of breach of duty because it amountsto defiance of a lawful and valid order issued, which order enjoys andpresumption of regularity,” according to Treñas. JoeMarie Esteral, a civil registry office bookbinder who was reassigned to thecity’s dumpsite in Barangay Calajunan, Mandurriao district, received thesuspension order on Sept. 25. He started serving his suspension the next day. Thecity government officials Esteral named in his Ombudsman complaint denied hisaccusation./PN Esteralslammed his suspension. He described it as “panghingabot.”last_img read more

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