Retail customers operating cigarette structure should not be too high

said that for a retail store, cigarettes can indeed be profitable, however, if you want to rely on cigarettes to make money, naturally there are some matters needing attention. In fact, the management of cigarette retail customers know, the higher the price of cigarettes the gold content is high, with retail customers in his own words, sometimes sell a pack of cigarette profits is higher than selling a low-grade tobacco profits.

so, of course, is to sell high-grade cigarettes cost-effective, high-grade cigarettes this big wide. Therefore, in the trend of profit, some retail customers regardless of market discipline, blindly staring at the market of high-grade cigarettes. The high-grade cigarette smoke not Maihao, low market loss, cook a pot of cooked rice. As the saying goes, "the right one is the best."." The sale of cigarettes the same, artificially raising structure, can only spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, with his own petard, suffer their own. read more

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Shenzhen began to rectify the campus net loan

campus net loan like a gust of wind, now in the rapid spread of major universities to open, there are a lot of people really benefit from these net loan, but more people are involved, the need for strict control of relevant departments. Following the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of education, in the face of chaos endless campus net loan, Shenzhen Industry Association began to rectify.

8 month 30 days, Shenzhen Internet Financial Association issued a notice, from risk, borrowing, qualification, promotion and other nine aspects of rectification and standardization of the campus network and campus network in loans, net loan lending platform for rectification from now on, rectification period of three months. read more

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Small handmade pencil to earn nostalgic money

remember that when we were young, we used to go to school and use pencils. But now writing more products, the use of pencil is less, for many nostalgic people, pencil bar is undoubtedly a very popular place. Therefore, to open a small handmade pencil, it is indeed able to earn the money nostalgia.

now few people use pencil, pencil will slowly fade out of people’s vision. However, due to the popularity of the past two years, the wind, the operator can use the pencil process is simple, creative space to open the characteristics of large household pencil. read more

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The whole network to remind you Home Furnishing investment industry must correctly choose the brand

With the continuous development of the real estate industry in the home market has been in a stage of rapid development, so many entrepreneurs have seen one of the opportunities

. But now look at the home market, a huge competitive pressure, want to make money is not an easy thing, so entrepreneurs want to make money from a reliable and reliable to join the project to start.

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With the old brand aura of the current state of survival

Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, but also to the beginning of a large number of people buying moon cake, and buy moon cake, many people will look for old". In fact, all walks of life have a head of "old" halo brand, and now their development?

as the bearer of commercial civilization memory business, with the parties to enhance the protection awareness, innovation and inherit time-honored has been put on the agenda. What is the current status of old brands and how old people can in the modern business with its way to seek its way to come to pass? read more

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The fragrant tofu groom bucket rot – the whole to join to make money

in our leisure time, always can not do without eating. How Dou rot groom seven fragrant tofu? Accompany you through every moment of leisure time. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fight was seven rot incense tofu project, an open their own taste fragrant tofu groom bucket rot stores, the shop is made!

bucket rot incense tofu join groom seven money?

sweet tofu snacks to join you? Join the bucket rot incense tofu right groom seven. The bucket rot incense tofu groom product diversification, combination of hundreds of varieties, to meet the range, her belly to eat, eat a salad to eat, drink, eat up, eat breakfast, supper to eat a variety of needs, taste fragrant tofu to fight corruption by secret taste, unique technology, for consumers with a sweet tofu delicious kingdom. This unique technology not only makes it taste more attractive, taste fragrant tofu with bucket rot was the one and only features, others can not imitate. read more

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Yingkou Federation of trade unions recognition of 14 outstanding entrepreneurial results

under the help of the policy, Yingkou has a lot of entrepreneurial enterprises to develop up, and promote employment at the same time, but also to promote the development of the economy. Recently, the Yingkou Federation of trade unions in recognition of 14 outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship, let us take a look at it!

3 on the morning of 31, the Yingkou Federation of trade unions held a demonstration of outstanding achievements in innovation and Entrepreneurship of female workers in Yingkou, the results of the recognition of the outstanding achievements of the innovation of the 14. Yingkou Municipal Committee, the chairman of the Federation of trade unions to participate in the meeting and award winning team. read more

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World Cup triggered lottery marketing boom

recently, 14 years of the world cup in Brazil has opened the curtain, the game intensified, followed by all kinds of Marketing craze is becoming increasingly hot, especially lottery marketing, a lot more tricks!

on the day of the game second days ushered in the last World Cup finals in Spain and Holland battle, race day is the national feast for the fans, and a lot of money in the lottery fans SMG and purchase, to surprise everyone in the score of 5:1, the circle of friends also ushered in a wave of Tucao, and lottery quiz has already opened the carnival. read more

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