16 year old girl quit school to do business platform for young people

entrepreneurship regardless of age, no matter when entrepreneurship is not late. But now the average age of entrepreneurs is not increasing, but more and more young. Ordinary 16 year old child has just entered the high school, and the age of 16 Wang Kaixin has begun to start doing business.

create magic department, for Wang Kaixin is a natural thing. Entering high school, she found the clothes into a dilemma: in Taobao, vip.com and other electronic business platform, the majority is over more than and 20 years old "people" clothes, or even if you want to find the children’s clothing, clothing, then have to search for a long time, which makes looking for "two dimension", "Meng cartoon wind" Wang Kaixin very helpless. Then she observed that not only themselves, in fact, the students are basically facing the same problem.

in May this year, the Wang Kaixin school the next semester, she made a decision in the ordinary people can not seem to understand: direct suspension entrepreneurship, wholeheartedly do a special party for young students of the electronic business platform, and then the birth of magic store.

direct suspension Entrepreneurship