Krabi Fu Thailand restaurant franchise

now we do not have to travel far away in the place where you live to eat foreign dishes, which is due to the strong China, the country will be more and more rich in the elements of life. Around us, Japan and South Korea Department of the restaurant, the theme of the Thai Restaurant more and more, we can see that there is a market demand, if you want to join the choice of such a theme restaurant. Small Krabi Prefecture Thailand restaurant do you recommend.

Krabi house restaurant in Thailand is a business in Southeast Asia cuisine, Thai food, decoration environment with rich aesthetic Thai style restaurant in Thailand. Krabi · Thailand house restaurant will be "healthy eating" as business philosophy, to create a delicious, healthy and fashionable, happy food culture.

· in Krabi; Thailand house restaurant can enjoy not only the food and decoration itself, there is more from the postprandial lingering memories of joy, like living in the exotic.

Krabi house restaurant in Thailand to join the quiz:

1. Krabi house restaurant in Thailand where the advantages of


answer: (1) Krabi’s founding team is a well-known brand of Banana Leaf Restaurant Group produced food and resources of our restaurant is similar and not.

(2) Krabi government provides chef team at the present stage can join with.

(3) Krabi office is currently in a big join stage, the whole market development is very good. In order to encourage the franchise we will be based on the specific circumstances of the franchisee to provide support policies.

2. Krabi office to provide what support


answer: Krabi government provides in the brand, construction, training, planning, management and technical support. We are in the development of the brand, we are now the most important thing is to expand the brand. So will spare no effort to help the franchisee to open the restaurant. So if you want to join the special circumstances of the headquarters of the need to help can discuss with us.

Krabi Fu

3. packaging


answer: we have a very good team of professional engineers, but we do not require the headquarters team decoration. But no matter which side to decorate, we have to ensure the unity of style.

The Krabi government has joined the

4. area of


answer: the best is about 300-500 square meters. It is not recommended that the area is too large, so the risk will be relatively large, and if the area is too small to make the atmosphere of the hall.