first_imgWhat is EGL?  According to an Indy Star story, EGL stands for Elite Gaming Live.  It is a program introduced in the Indianapolis School system for video game players.  It evidently was introduced in the Lawrence School system and has now spread to 5 other schools in Indy.  It is an after-school program just like all other extra-curricular activities.  There will even be a city championship.According to the article, it was devised by Kerwin Rent.  This young man is a tech school graduate, and he wanted a program that kids would enjoy.  He proposed it to the school systems.  In order to be in this club, you must keep up your grades.  The programs available for the students do not contain violence.  You do not need to worry that your child will be playing a game where shooting a cop (or something similar) is the goal of the player.  They are simply fun video games.last_img