Three Juancheng County women’s entrepreneurial success story – the whole

in a favorable environment for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is no longer just a matter of men, women are on the road to success is also more and more people. In Juancheng, there are a number of self-made female clients, they are not included in the golden key of the birth of the princess, there is no particularly bright resume. They find the way to realize their dreams through their own hard pioneering road.

Dong Dandan: returning home to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship

Dong Dandan, general manager of Juancheng Shun Tai Arts & Crafts Co., ltd.. During college, she will use vacation time to do all kinds of part-time jobs, worked as a restaurant waiter, counter sales, street propagandist. After graduation, Dong Dandan worked in Qingdao arts and crafts company, start from the grassroots marketing personnel, understand the various market information in the sales line, greatly broaden their horizons, increase of knowledge, update their concept of sales.

after several years of hard work, she has made a lot of friends, partners are more, these "acquaintance economy" is huge gold mine, as long as good at mining, longer than the cooperation will create a win-win situation for the good. Rich working career so that she has a first-class sales experience, but also let her have the confidence to return home business. Dong Dandan decided to return home, served as general manager of Juancheng Shun Thai arts and Crafts Co., Ltd. the efficiency has been greatly improved, such as sales this year to about 15 million, annual tax has exceeded one million, the employment of about 150 people.

Fu Fengying: let poor households to increase revenue

Fu Fengying is the general manager of Tai Lake shoes factory. She is from a migrant to director of the workshop, and then to the director, and finally to have their own business in Juancheng this piece of land not only to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, also become rich leaders, to solve the employment problem of a lot of folks. In 1994, Fu Fengying graduated from junior high school with fellow workers to work in Qingdao, South Korea, a company engaged in sewing workers.

with their own energy, she soon became a senior director of the workshop. But then the economic situation brought her to the point of unemployment. Fu Fengying, who had been forced to rethink his life from a senior executive at the workshop, had to make a bold decision. March 2016, Fu Fengying aimed at poverty alleviation work in the county, about 200000 yuan investment in the establishment of a Thai shoe factory. Employing more than and 40 people, including poor population of more than and 20 people, the average monthly income of workers more than 2000 yuan.

Xin Jingzhi: increasing women’s employment opportunities

Xin Jingzhi is the manager of Juancheng Xin Connaught home company. In March 2015, a chance, she introduced a friend to contact the domestic industry. She thought: "I have done before women’s work, although domestic service is recommended