t was Chinese tourism commodity Menyuan

Recently, Menyuan Hui Autonomous County Yi source milk products Co., Ltd. production of "Menyuan Naipi by virtue of the unique mode of production, and rich cultural heritage, in the first China tourism commodity online display contest in Qinghai Province as the only brand of success in Qinghai province famous trademark.

"Menyuan Naipi handmade products" as the oldest, Hui has characteristics, no pollution, no additives, rich in high quality protein, fat, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements needed by the body, crisp and refreshing, not greasy, unique flavor, rich nutrition, quality of fresh and pure. And has a certain beauty, health and longevity benefits volume effect. "It China Menyuan" has become the product of geographical indication, a famous trademark in Qinghai province.