Emission reduction work will be held in Xining Province

in May 29th, the province’s energy-saving emission reduction leading group held in 2013 the total emissions of pollutants in the province will promote the work of this year, informed of each region of the province pollution reduction task goal, and in view of the current progress in pollution reduction work situation and problems, the arrangements for the deployment of the next phase of work, to mobilize the relevant departments at all levels to further promote the pollution reduction work.

according to the arrangement, this year, the province issued a variety of emission reduction tasks. The meeting pointed out that the focus of emission reduction projects is to complete the task of pollution reduction task of top priority, but also to do a good job next year, the basis of emission reduction work. According to the requirements of the provincial government issued the "total emissions of major pollutants in Qinghai Province in 2013 plan", our province will implement 78 COD emission reduction projects this year, 74 projects, 20 of ammonia emissions of sulfur dioxide emission reduction projects, 21 nitrogen oxide emission reduction projects. To this end, the meeting urged all localities and departments to focus on elimination and management of wastewater treatment plant expansion, agricultural sources emission reduction projects, coal-fired power plants and cement enterprises desulfurization and denitrification facilities construction and operation project and the "yellow car", strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the work measures, in order to get a more scientific and more ideas pragmatic initiatives to jointly promote the pollution reduction work in place. (author: Zhang Haihu)