Pass the warmth of the report to the grassroots

Mayor Zhang Xiaorong made the government work report, between the lines are full of pragmatic for the people’s affection and love." Even the day to start, municipal people’s Congress and CPPCC members on the "government work report" a heated discussion, we believe that the report is encouraging and inspiring, embodies the love for people, for the people, warm, have said, take this warm transfer to every corner of the grass-roots level as soon as possible.

in the "12th Five-Year" period, the city in economic development, improve people’s livelihood, ecological construction and other fields has made new achievements, new breakthroughs, "12th Five-Year" successful ending, "13th Five-Year year" start planning work focused, effective measures. Municipal government to determine the 12315 development goals, in line with the provincial Party committee, the overall requirements of the 131, but also reflects the reality of the development of Xining, building a happy Xining in line with the broad masses of the city’s good expectations. "Government work report," the results of seeking truth from facts, concise, practical and accurate to talk about the problem in place, can be said to be a pragmatic and innovative, exciting report. The report objective and comprehensive summary of the work over the past five years, scientific and rational planning, put forward the "13th Five-Year" around the "12315" goal and the construction of "happy Xining" focus on the arrangements for the deployment of the city in 2016 the work objectives and tasks and priorities, after listening to the report, the heart shocked, in 2016, we have to work together innovation, to "dry in reality in the forefront," the spirit of a building "a new chapter of happy Xining".

– the city CPPCC member Li Haiping

"government work report" comprehensive, in general, is an inspiring and have the determination and confidence of the report report, in-depth study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, fully learn the spirit of provincial and Municipal Committee, according to the three three real strict requirements, in order to "dry in reality in the forefront," the spirit of objective summary of the "12th Five-Year" effect of the development of scientific planning, "13th Five-Year" is the first year of work. Both the "action" and "optional", not only put forward the "what", but also to answer the question "how to do"";