City land tax bureau to carry out special inspections of listed companies tax

The day before the Inspection Bureau of Local Taxation Bureau in the city within the scope of the special tax inspection work carried out in Listed Companies

day before the Inspection Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau within the city to carry out special inspections of the tax work of listed companies.

listed company size, financial management norms, the informatization level is advanced, especially the emerging capital operation belongs to a specific market, and capital transactions lucrative, but the grass-roots tax authorities on the capital market operation mode and policy understanding insufficiency, resulting in capital gains tax situation is not optimistic, and the amount of tax returns is clearly disproportionate, the capital market tax collection there are a lot of blind spots. To this end, the Inspection Bureau of Local Taxation Bureau has organized a special business training, invite provincial accounting and tax experts teaching, learning and communication between the organization of cadres, cadres to help inspectors master financial management software system of listed company accounting and characteristics of listed companies, while deployed business ability and rich experience in inspection backbone before the check desk check analysis, gradually clear ideas, develop and improve the scheme of the special tax inspection of listed companies. Currently, the Council has selected 2

listed companies to carry out a comprehensive and orderly tax special inspection.