What is the URL standard

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when the search engine should be standardized. When the search engine needs to be one of the best representatives from these choices. Generally speaking, your home should be fixed, only one. But sometimes, in many site owners in the link back to the home page, the use of URL is not the only. For example, probably on your website, while connected to the URL 贵族宝贝xiaohan贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng, while connected to the URL 贵族宝贝xiaohan Shanghai,贵族宝贝/index.php.

we look at the following URL:

贵族宝贝xiaohan Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝

is now the Internet has become more and more attention to the standardization, standardized URL website (URL canonicalization) is a big problem in nearly two years in the major search engines in search results. It refers to the selection of the best web site search engine URL as real.

The so-called

贵族宝贝xiaohan Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝

these sites are the same file, obviously causing trouble to what visitors do not, but the search engine is to give it caused confusion, which one is your real web page? If on your website, different versions of a web site appeared, then the two URL may the search engine is included in the database, then it will cause duplicate content pages.

which is usually several URL generally refers to the same file or web page, but technically, these URL are different. Although in most cases, return to these sites are the same file, is your home. But technically, the host can return different content on the web site.

1) your web site to other pages in the internal links, especially.

贵族宝贝xiaohan Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/index.php

when your website URL URL standardized problem, there may be suspected of being a copy of the page, and thus affect the search engine ranking.

copy ", refers to two or more pages are the same or similar parts. Most of the time, copy the page there may be cheating. Even when not cheating, search engines usually will only pick one copy and return search results, "the others are in the back row, that simply can not find.

we may URL standard website through the following three methods: