Some novice webmaster talk about the YAHOO chain

blog and forum this way, or to do anchor text, blog has third party, there are third independent blog blog, you can apply for a few, and then in the article above, there are many specific practices online, here not much. Independent blog, I personally recommend creating a blog, because third more restrictions, which belongs to own independent blog, easier to manage, if you do not want to build it, can go back to people independent blog, like Bo

blogThe The chain of YAHOO

I just started in doing this, the boss asked me to do the YAHOO chain, because at that time, what also do not understand, he didn’t want to promise to do, wait for the start when found, YAHOO chain is much more difficult than the chain to love Shanghai (because of the ignorance will feel very difficult) at that time, only for several forums and information network to do outside the chain, there is no sense to the forum and information network, so, after a period of time is not what effect is not about YAHOO outside the chain, the chain began to focus on the love of Shanghai.

forum this familiar place, in the forum post with a link on the line, you can not find your hair every post can be included in YAHOO become the chain, and not all of the forum are included, as to why I don’t know. As for how to find to find can be included in YAHOO forum, I wrote a "drowned fish: novice webmaster find forum resources difficult process", which I find the forum, we can refer to.

This is a diagram of


method of YAHOO is the chain of the anchor text, this is no doubt, but I recently found a way to increase the YAHOO chain, that is the forum avatar, now the forum can be upload picture, I take pictures with your own web site, I test, some the forum is also possible, but this method in the test, I do not know whether there are other reasons what, so out we study together. If there are other discoveries can contact me, qq:1979244928


pictures with a link to the YAHOO chain, everyone can look at.

slowly understand many things, also know before the eyes too narrow, just stared at the place, then understood the chain will have wide, slowly to check your information, also come to know how to add some methods of the YAHOO chain, here to share with you a:

The chain of YAHOO