Shanghai dragon company and the integration of social media marketing is the trend of network market

48% said in a lack of budget and operation of Shanghai Longfeng employees will be listed as one of the most challenging barriers to the success of the Shanghai dragon. This paper consists of 贵族宝贝mjgoucp贵族宝贝 finishing editing, please indicate the

"very successful", "the biggest difference between the success of the company is their use of social media as part of a search engine optimization strategy. The chart below shows, 38% of those who were "very successful" search engine optimization and social media widely integrated, and the Shanghai dragon company, not only two percent. And a complete after a group of 50% – those who are not successful in search engine optimization and integration of social media.

only 19% of respondents said "external link building" is the most effective, but there are 45% of people think that the implementation is still difficult, compared with other external links and tactics is a tactic most difficult.

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has the relevant research institutions surveyed nearly 600 businesses around the world and marketing professionals, and asked the staff to evaluate your company’s search engine optimization success. The survey results show that the 15% said they were "very successful", however, 18% of people said their company or not success in search engine optimization. However, basically a small original scale, and not what development and innovation. From the above survey data can be seen from the Shanghai dragon company if you want to be innovative development, to carry out professional integration, so the social media and search engine optimization and integration will be a new development trend in the future of Shanghai dragon company.

there are some other data through the Ascend2 survey:

48% of respondents said, "original content" is the most effective search engine optimization strategy.

social content to rank well in search engines. What will happen to the social commentary website and business directory in the Google search engine is able to maintain good ranking.

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social media and search engine optimization and integration of

columnist Trand said, if you do not integrate social media and public relations to the local search engine optimization strategy, then the company will be eliminated by the industry.

chart only more successful, not successful company. Elsewhere in the study is a chart, use the whole group of respondents, nearly 1/4 of the group without social media integration at all to their search engine optimization strategy.

is now a lot of Shanghai dragon company is currently undergoing a series of search engine optimization, but the real success of the few companies, however, the success of the Shanghai dragon company is the enterprise social media and search engine optimization strategy for the integration of such stronger fighting force than ordinary Shanghai Longfeng company a lot.