From rookie to site operation and maintenance optimization technology to share my learning superviso

third, excellent writing ability. I think as a Shanghai dragon Er article writing ability is the ability of any one of the Shanghai dragon er must have, the writing of the article is not limited to their website content update, also means the text writing ability, the author is very fond of writing, writing is not only the effective means of sharing, more important is to sort out their own.

second, the line on the website after the weekly data analysis. I do not recommend the new station every day for statistical data, because it is not necessary, the new line shell site you take what analysis, you have to do is to do weekly updates, the chain release work, step by step, the author suggests to every weekend we could come back to analyze their related work this week. Look at your daily published content is included, see the chain quality issued by how are included, which included a good platform for the chain, whether the user needs to write the content on the content, quality assurance, these are the basis of data analysis. As a webmaster to understand website user experience, site structure details must be based on detailed analysis of the data as the basis, so as to make their weekly work can do targeted, do optimization in order to better understand.

as everyone knows, with the development of the Internet in any industry is faced with fierce competition, as the site optimization personnel, the author three years ago just a collection of pseudo original article rookie to now Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website design, web graphic processing to a small Shanghai dragon Er, the author found that Shanghai Dragon this industry is to continue to improve their comprehensive quality, well below the author himself for this industry to examine and analysis we, as a professional Er Shanghai dragon we should learn from those basic knowledge.

first, website optimization first to learn the basic knowledge of website. As a webmaster I deeply understand the grassroots is not easy, the first is a website editor, the time for the establishment of knowledge utterly ignorant of watching others set up a blog, a website you envy ah, but no way or not, no matter I love exchanges in the group, and other veterans after communication, they told I can set up a website like Dede with some simple source program, zblog etc. I continue to explore how to build the environment to establish a website, website templates are established but the official default, this time I learned HTML because my university itself is a computer professional learning for HTML or by some basic, personally modify the page template, a general understanding of the slowly for website construction details, here I recommend beginners can first Learning HTML in learning related CSS style, their first attempt to do static website, and then through the free program to build the site in the template modification, such a decent site was built, later is to find the chain content, I believe this you must understand.