The year-end summary China enumerate type chain we did.

yesterday and a friend about the soft things, if have the resources to do a project to do, it can more than 80% projects. This way the chain let the webmasters both love and hate, love its timeliness, stable and reliable, the weight is high, only blame themselves not to write soft, really hate teeth.

: Signature chain

The chain was so prosperous platform

five: B2B

video was once considered a search engine is not recognized, so many owners do not pay attention to the construction of the chain of the video, but the video outside the chain.

SNS platform is usually we used to do network marketing places, there are many places to do outside the chain. But some properties such as before, Post Bar love Shanghai, Tianya forum and 55BBS chain is the good platform.


the last few days we discussed yesterday is the largest train ticket, year-end bonus and annual leave the topic, let the atmosphere more and more strong. Yesterday, Han brother wrote a nice product of the year to seize the opportunity to go beyond the opponent, today again to sum up, Chinese type chain these years we have done it:

B2B is the platform of the chain is easy to do up, it also became the first choice for everyone to do outside the chain, but now has become a waste of the chain places.

in Q & a platform, of course is the most popular love Shanghai know, ask the Sina platform. I will do every day before YAHOO knowledge hall, and now these few local stations can not do it again.

two: inquiry platform

this is a way of the chain can only be used China type chain is the most typical that can also be called a fool type chain, like a fool cameras, as long as the person can do, of course, is very much in Shanghai dragon ER every day to do things (especially beginners).

nine: video chain

blog platform network favorites

eight: soft outside the chain

this way the chain has become fashionable for a time, like search, music search, QQ search hidden clip, Shanghai love collection etc..

share weights of the chain is very high, because the search engine that only what is good by users to share, so I think this is the chain weight after the Links, if done before the fire, the weight is high, included fast, strong stability and deep love webmaster.

four: SNS

the way the chain is very powerful, the author had raised more than 100, unfortunately later disappeared. Sina blog and love Shanghai space became a large platform outside the chain of farm owners, believe that many webmaster take these blogs to do on the chain.

seven: share type chain