mmature side with the events of 2012 about the Shanghai Dragon

this is the 360 approach, I believe that this is done in order to let more people love away from Shanghai, but to simply love Shanghai, but can not be shaken, the love of Shanghai was too strong in the cloud users, these are the layout should be considered, and after the mobile Internet, if 360 you can force, do mobile terminal entrance, is on the other side of the search market firmly in control in the hands of. Not mature in the 360 great expectations.

in many cases, 360 no precipitation and accumulation of the market, strong love of Shanghai lies in the love of Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar, activities of the two communities nature will use the cloud the way many people together, that is we often say that the cloud, but the 360 have no such pattern of accumulation the user mode is the competition of his client, this is between the cloud and the end of the race; but because of the love of Shanghai is a cloud, 360 to a certain extent will encounter a bottleneck, so we can’t depend too much on the rise of 360, if you just think 360 can be used as rescue your site, to the last that they will be defeated, between the two there is no temporarily comparative, remember in micro-blog, the most is about love fraud in Shanghai 360 micro-blog search, as shown in figure

The first point: algorithm to adjust the love of ShanghaiToday is


2012.8.16360 search

from the beginning to now, happened too many things too much, there are too many things against our immature, in fact, as a Shanghai dragon, we need to adjust their mentality, after all, only do the mentality of the problem, to the final site will do, a mature Shanghai dragon, to face is not just a website, but in the face of the Internet market by some of the mature and attitude, so now, I use 2012 events to record this kind of not mature.



in 2012.8.16, 360 search, officially launched, but after this period of search penetration, according to 360, the market share in two months, has risen to about 10%, not to mention the truth, but for the development of our 360 obvious to people indeed, by virtue of popularity, universality, 360 browser the 360 search, is indeed the rapid development; but many webmaster search on the 360 as the Savior of the world, are looking forward to 360 can compete and love Shanghai, became the site of a savior, but it is not so easy.

second: after 2012.6.22, the full range of

2012.10.11, up to now, nearly 4 months, I believe that a love from Shanghai K station, many webmaster.