Tell you! The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization keywords layout which 10 position is better


at this time, we are here, talk about keywords in what position is better in a website optimization? The following summarizes 10 key words placed in the position, I hope all of you refer to.

4 in the text, part of the body, the more close to the page at the beginning of the better.

said in the above can layout keywords, and the front.

Yang Zi today to share with you, though is a commonplace talk of an old scholar but in recent years, now, there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon er or some novice webmaster to ask, how to optimize the layout of the site keywords is good, should be in what position the site keywords layout is better when

website "title" and keywords" description", " keywords; layout optimization and columns, channels, content in the title, Yang Zi is no longer on this topic for more elaborate too much, can pay attention to Yang Zi Shanghai Longfeng public number more, but also can directly communicate with Yang Zi.

This topic In

1 (title), the page title must contain keywords.


10, in the picture ALT attribute in a reasonable layout of the corresponding key words.

7, page H1 and H2 tags reasonable layout of the corresponding key words.

The 10 position For example: In 6, Keywords

5, body in the whole text in the first sentence of the layout of key words.

2, "meta" attribute meta tag keywords "(keywords) part of the layout of key words.

3, page meta attribute description (description) tags, keywords layout. (Note: although now the keywords keywords and desciption in the basic is not included in the weight, but it is recommended that all appropriate keywords reasonable layout)

into 9, in the external links in the link text.


said Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, in addition to the site structure, link structure, content and program code are optimized, and an optimized layout optimization is the key words, when it comes to layout optimization keywords, is also an important basis for optimization of Shanghai dragon.

in the above two issues, Yang Zi in many articles in the past have mentioned, especially the website how to optimize the layout of key words is better "on this issue, Yang Zi also specifically wrote the article to share.

into 8, in the text of the link in the link station.


URL (URL) in a reasonable layout of the corresponding key words.