The construction of the chain method also inappropriate boomgeranged analysis



many owners in the chain. Too much to a website or two sites to send, and think everything can leave the chain method in these two sites, such as forum signatures, forum information inside and so on, although the methods through various posts can leave the chain, but once this forum account has been closed, then done before all efforts will become worthless, because your site outside the chain overnight disappear, this is quite a huge blow for the site, so the construction method of the correct site outside the chain of nature is to find ways to make the chain diversification website, even if the site has been blocked, but there are other there is a site outside the chain, don’t let your site outside the chain number caused by Shanghai’s aversion to change radically, love

many people do site outside the chain have obvious practice and some even spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, in the early stage of the construction site has just started, the construction of the chain number, and even took the money to buy a large number of black chain, this is a short time to make web site to get good rankings and included this morning, but the stability of these black chain is very poor, and was loved in Shanghai found that the site will also give you a fatal blow, so buy black chain is not, for the chain construction site, a large number of long-term construction of the chain is king

is a website to be successful, in addition to the rich content, the importance of the chain is self-evident, especially for personal website, the chain often plays a decisive role, because the industry has a saying that it is the station chain, large content of Yu Caogen webmaster, do the chain the difficulty will be compared to the difficulty of content is much lower, but this is relatively low, if the chain is improper, will boomgeranged, lead to search engine drop right, the author will introduce the chain construction of several common methods of several improper

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three: the hair of the chain can not be a tendon, to achieve diversification of

now for a new station, to send the chain is very difficult, especially to some of the popular net weight high site outside the chain simply prohibitively difficult, if you want to send in these high weight website chain, not out of the blood is not possible, but for our personal webmaster, often in order to save money, but to some poor management of the site postings on the forums, but these sites often exist is right down the risk, if you find a website can easily post, you will find this site almost fell from power not far, if you once more the site is down right, your site may also be involved, so this is not greedy small cheap

four: the chain construction site avoid mass

two: the site has been down right, you are old at this site outside the chain


: the construction of the chain is not long, always want to become famous overnight