Shanghai dragon do not blindly follow the optimization algorithm update steps


collection content do not blindly delete

forum link is not urgent submitted to shield

webmaster do optimization of Shanghai dragon is most looking forward to search algorithm update website can get better ranking, fear most is to update the search algorithm, the new algorithm website may have been punished. The stationmaster always entangled in the search engine algorithm, but the website can get better ranking, not looking forward to the renewal of the algorithm, more is to make their own efforts, earnestly implement the "Shanghai dragon optimization guide", do not blindly follow the pace of updating algorithm.

for a large collection site, to avoid the original search algorithm, can make up for the method should be: should update a large number of original articles and slowly delete batches collected article, do 404 website page design, don’t let the dead link to jump directly to the home page, is not conducive to the optimization of the home page in robots; in the first block file collection content page, robots file search engine will need time to adapt, until no longer pass the weight, then delete the webmaster; second is to look at the information you collected included situation! If you have included, batch delete is certainly not good, that is first increased your original, after slowly delete.

love Shanghai official launch refuse chain tools, if you find the number of links pointing to your site, such as the low quality of false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool. A webmaster tools follow submitted outside the chain, and love Shanghai update algorithm Scindapsus aureus foreign chain requirements, the webmaster is to become aggravated their outside chain, was hard to do the links now have to submit sites in the shield, the construction of the chain number will be much less. For the purchase and sale of the chain, cheating can be submitted to the Shanghai love shield, for cheating signature links mentioned algorithm, as long as the webmaster is not use BBS top stick machine cheating operation, the construction of the chain does not have to submit the pure hand shield, such as /www.jian> http:/ (part-time.

love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm on the original content explanation, let the webmaster collecting explanation also looked suddenly a bolt from the blue, to see the end of the site, so webmaster anxious content construction, a large collection of content may have been in love with Shanghai punishment, that the only thing we can do is to delete the contents of the collection, what is not the impulse to delete the content acquisition. It collected the contents of the search engine cast aside, but the owners have not thought has been included in the page, and there will be deleted after the wrong link website exists dead link is not what a good thing, a site if there are a lot of dead link, will greatly damage the overall image of the website, and the search engine spiders is through the link to crawl, if too many links can not reach, not only it will reduce the number of pages, and your site in the search engine’s weight will be greatly reduced.