Video site map and YouTube Vimeo Optimization Guide

if you find it correctly embed code, it should look like this:

The benefits of code

you don’t have to clean up your code to my cable, I aim to do so just to make more easier to see what had happened to pay special attention to embedded inside SRC url:

· the mode you have the opportunity to provide a series of details;

· RAD thumbnail pictures, this is a great call for action.



video embedded code

· in video and additional video search;


This is the most important part of ?


vimeo:贵族宝贝vimeo贵族宝贝/moogaloop.swf clip_id=35117351

for search engine robots, a video map is a simple guide, if you use iFrame, the robot can’t find the video video site map is useless. So the search engine robots take it as a map to the treasure, let the search engine spiders are more likely to find the treasure.


Included in the SERP

video map

if you hosted on Vimeo or Youtube, the search engine hope you all connected embedded in the video site drops, which not only help spiders find your website search engine provides clues to find video embedding, it can make your website click through to provide you with an image search. I will show you how I managed to index my Vimeo video embedded into a thumbnail. The same procedure may be suitable for Youtube, including the use of embedded iframe.

with this in mind, I want to describe the most secure way to keep your video index using the old embedded code can still be in Vimeo and Youtube.

· this allows the search engine to clear your

, embedded video is mainly realized through the use of iFrames tags, if you want to index your video search engine, which will bring about a problem, because all search engine spiders cannot at present the index iframe, more frustrating is iFrames very suitable for playback on mobile devices compatibility iPad intelligent mobile phone, etc., if you want to better carry out the four embed code, first let’s talk about how to work the video map.