The impact of the six industry in Shanghai to guess big update

two, love Shanghai big update effect on selling Links

so Masaoki flow industry, where Shanghai has a flow mechanism. I remember a few years ago, I pro test this mechanism. The establishment of a new station, in order to make love in Shanghai included within 2 days, I’ll fill the content (about 200), and then through keywords and master artificial click, included soon. However, this method is invalid. Love is the flow of Shanghai consistent mechanism exists, has also been adjusted. Adjust to today, is fast on the front page. This obviously disturbs the natural ranking of keywords. The result is that the user experience reduces the love of Shanghai. This is the love of Shanghai can not tolerate. So this time to change the adjustment mechanism, so the traffic is more and more not to buy. Since the buyer seller will be affected by the loss.

, a big update of love Shanghai sell flow industry

Effect of The love of Shanghai 6.22 and 6.28

search engine that links to more sites of your site, your site is better. This led to the software through the station to do a lot of meaningless website to buy links. Such as the operation of one hundred sites, each site 50 links, each link is 15000 per month in May, selling links income, not including the group effect in these one hundred sites. Through the operation of the 100 station group website is not difficult. The love of Shanghai that is still relatively large degree of combat spam links. To link those completely irrelevant without weight. So I guess that sell Links site formation space more and more small.

Why is

abroad have invented a method of a blog to do the chain sprocket. Is the establishment of a number of blogs, then these blog points to your main website, the formation of a wheel effect, can continue to build this round has reached the purpose of the chain. But the manual maintenance of these blogs is a very difficult thing, so gave birth to the blog marketing tools, continue to produce blog automatically through this tool, in order to achieve the effect of link wheel. However, the love of Shanghai is not a fool, they just want to exclude the impact of human disturbance ranking. So the weight of multiple blog links become smaller. After the estimation of the weights of the blog will be.

update (not stop), for small and medium-sized webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er are nothing less than a big earthquake, also caused all kinds of speculation. However, we must admit that the current network environment is not good. Shanghai is the Chinese people love the preferred search engine, but to find what they need from the love of Shanghai, the new general is not easy. Originally the search engine is to help users, however, the current situation seems to have a tool used by the Shanghai dragon er. That is to say the user experience is very poor. So instead of that large area of Shanghai K station, than to say that this is a love Shanghai self-help action. Obviously the self-help action contrary to a lot of the interests of the industry, following the author makes a guess.


three, the love of Shanghai software industry chain of foreign big update