Li Kaifu from professional managers to entrepreneurs, let me help you start your businessHow far can

07 years in October A5 published the first "a high school students how to promote the website monthly income of 50 thousand true story" users have been returned to the 110 floor, mixed, laugh. The website mentioned in the article also has many webmaster to go every day. Blink of an eye in the past two years, many webmaster also entered the network of this field. Some of my college classmates around me began to work in the network under my leadership. Among them, there are many very good development, such as Qilu medical network webmaster, now fully able to reach the relaxed 1200 into the realm. Do webmaster, outside feel is a money earned industry, but ask yourself, personal Adsense into more than 100 of how many, how difficult, only oneself know well. In two years, I personally learned a lot from the trial, here to share with you. If you can learn from the good, feel is soft, then at the upper right corner of the Red Cross, is turned off. After all, money has nothing to do with thoughts and feelings, but there are thousands of ways to make money.

"I’ve reached this stage of life, and I don’t do it anymore. I’m really afraid it’s too late.". Although the front is full of suspense, I still believe in my inner voice. "I find that helping others realize their dreams is the only thing more meaningful than achieving their dreams,"

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August 2009, Li Kaifu and shlf1314’s 4 year contract expires. In the case of shlf1314 Corporation willing to renew his contract and give him $14 million in stocks, Li Kaifu chose to leave shlf1314 China and start the innovation workshop.

innovation works CEO told reporters that Li Kaifu was willing to stand up and question "you", and use their influence to promote the "you" to carry out rectification, the same with him 10 years of youth, China Chinese students’ attention is, it is a process of Chinese youth entrepreneurship attention and care, Li Kaifu the founder of innovation works.

08 summer season when the entrance exam enrollment season, the site pulled eight institutions of admission advertising, direct payment advertising, 100 thousand yuan per month, before delivery, pay half of the delivery after the end of the balance. Of course, this is not easy to earn 100 thousand dollars, to the school of advertising fee includes a part is used for direct admission notice from the post office for graduating students. Because we have used the website to collect the data of the examinee of most of the city of Shandong Province, so this part of information is of great value. Years of experience in the media, save a little contacts, with the post office, DM direct mail manager, good relationship, save a lot of money from it. As a result, there are 70 thousand pieces per month is used to launch the home page advertising, and the remaining 30 thousand is to use our hands of candidates data through the post office direct mail admission notice. These institutions are basically distributed in the Beijing area, one of which has two very large private institutions under the leadership of the president, with an annual enrollment of 50 thousand -6 million, with hundreds of thousands in a big province

made such a decision because Li Kaifu saw the situation: many young people have good ideas at the beginning of their business

from professional managers to entrepreneurs,

Li Kaifu in France Chinese identification of the students because of "you" and the show soared, boss group members said that the French Education in "BAC+5" is equivalent to a specialist, plus the host for job seekers are not respected, let a group of France Chinese students feel wronged, they want Li Kaifu to be fair Li Kaifu, which triggered criticism and boycott of "you" in micro-blog.

"I’ve reached this stage of life, and I don’t do it anymore. I’m really afraid it’s too late.". Although the front is full of suspense, I still believe in my inner voice. I’ve found that helping others realize their dreams is the only thing more meaningful than achieving your dreams. I believe more and more that when I have finished a lot of dreams, my greater wish is to help young people in China dream. Now I can finally travel light, stand with young people in China, and teach me the lessons of my life work." Li Kaifu turned down Alan Eustace’s rich terms, turning from a professional manager with 20 years of experience to becoming an entrepreneur.

Li Kaifu’s decision to senior vice president of shlf1314 Alan Eustace was shocked, because shlf1314 was planning to put Li Kaifu in charge of the Asia Pacific region and product engineering president, he would even with Li Kaifu in the salary and position on further negotiations. But Li Kaifu believes that his life has yet to achieve a regret, that is, together with Chinese young people to create new technological wonders.

from the 08 summer time on the site of the structural adjustment, at least every day to do a special topic, some webmaster may feel so tired, in fact, not necessarily tired. These two years gave me the feeling is one thing, the most tired tired in the beginning and development of the middle stage, with special terms, if you have not the habit, so tired is normal, because it is not just tired, the key is to have a face to adapt to new things stage inside. But as long as you persist over a month, then it will become a habit of your daily work, as time goes on, you will find that they do not feel uncomfortable, there is a sense of mission inside. Topics are very useful for improving the quality of your web site. I don’t need to explain this. Look at the big portal. Which one doesn’t do it every day?.

June 16th, Provence, france. Two Chinese students in the street encounter, is here on Business Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu, three pictures, followed by a student "extremely excited" to micro-blog, the micro-blog was quickly forwarded thousands of times.