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down, is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the current

talk so much, here to talk about how to better use the GG to make money only for the tourism site, tourism site picture more, and the color of bright and colorful pictures, which determines the travel site GG advertising practices and the other is not the same as.

travel sites to make money shlf1314 advertising


forum site is different from the others. Now there are many large tourist forums, the day IP million, really a lot. Let’s look at the data provided by a friend: 701081500.21% US$0.02 US$1.80, the specific URL is not provided. This is my friend’s Travel Forum day GG performance, such a large flow, the income is only 1.8 knives, too poor, you can say that revenue is too bad, not enough to pay the cost of server broadband.

text type of tourist site, such as travel routes are text or other accounts for the vast majority of the site, the issues of mixed map and text mode, text around advertising, you can be forced to pay attention to advertising, to attract attention, so as to improve the hit rate and income. Can take the top left corner of the article advertising and articles in the middle of advertising, surrounded by text patterns. Click rate is generally maintained at around 4%.

3. easy to pay, the current shlf1314 owners to pay by cheque, with digital code and the amount of shlf1314 to 10 digit number and the remittance of your ID card, you can go to any major point of the Agricultural Bank, post office and the bank cheque. No taxes. Cool.


advantage of making money from shlf1314 ads:

"look up at the starry sky, down to earth, this is our respected premier Wen had to write down the words, we intended to tell the man to be down-to-earth. The reason is very simple, put in the body of the IT people are entrepreneurs also apply. Business is preparing for you, or let yourself be a down-to-earth

this society is not a lack of people, but the lack of talent. What is the name of talent, regardless of their excellent professional skills do not speak, more importantly, they know their own advantages of unlimited expansion, and hide their own shortcomings. Entrepreneurship is not a can be used to joke about it, we are not allowed to let down. Throw you in this rapidly changing IT industry, maybe you are not worth mentioning, but you need to know not just the way you are, the thousands on thousands of people like you. When you are ready before the start, the first deep analysis of yourself, ask yourself, what you are good at, you are less than others where. To understand this, you can spend your confusion.

as the saying goes "three hundred and sixty, adventure.has", you will finally become the industry champion or a defeated people, also depends on your own business and not serious. Before the start of the preparatory work is very important, you have repeatedly chewing from the industry’s latest news, or the like before. The second is the history of the development of the industry is expected, which is directly related to your field to IT development trend, the only way you can not blindly follow other companies do not have their own characteristic idea. Again, you need to have a preliminary understanding and the understanding of the industry elite, because you can’t rely on myself to support a company, talent selection is related to the development of your company is big, sloppy. Before the start of get ready for these, can let you have a good start. It also confirms the old saying that "a good beginning is half of success".

2. revenue will be higher, because shlf1314 is based on the content of your web page, automatically matching the best advertising, so the advertising rate is relatively high, the proceeds generally teach other travel class ads better.

I did a small survey, surveyed 200 to ordinary users, most of them pointed out that my travel booking site shlf1314 ads hanging above all seriously affected the image of the website, not booking tours from me. I feel my website is a small site, not formal.

make this result?. 1. people who play tour forums are all those old acquaintances who come almost every day

Why does

1. convenient, basically as long as the ads hanging on the OK, shlf1314 will automatically help you update, automatically help you support advertising

travel – based travel sites, shlf1314 ads on the right or left lower part, or the bottom of the article. The effect is not bad. At the same time, it does not affect the user experience. Format to take 336*280 300*250 728*90 160*600, this effect is preferred. Click rate generally maintained at around 2%.

this is a IT industry gathering era, you rob me seem to have enough description of competition in this area. In this industry, because of its potential business opportunities, because it. But this is not the reason to become your business in the field of IT, you can’t know just because it can bring you great benefits regardless of everything else blindly start, this ambitious approach will only make you closer to failure, not success. We can understand the business people are willing to choose a wonderfully profitable industry to work hard, but the premise is that you must have a profound and thorough research on the industry.

every company has its own advantage, as different universities have different popular professional, you want to develop is what you are good at. >

disadvantages: damage website image,

The is down to earth, to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of their own