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last week, Betaworks, an unknown small Private Held Company in New York, bought a site called Digg for $500 thousand. The news shocked the entire Internet industry.

is jumping on TechTV TV

Leo · Laporte LeoLaporte was originally discovered by Ross, and led him to host a TV show Tencent technology plan

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Beijing on July 19th news, according to foreign media reports, the technology blog BusinessInsider writer Matt · Lin Li MattLynley on Tuesday said the author, Digg from the beginning the fate, because of the company’s founder Kevin · Ross KevinRose has a restless heart. The following is a summary of the article:

Digg founder Kevin · Ross KevinRose Tencent with map

but perhaps we should not be surprised about the fate of Digg, because its Creator – named Kevin · Ross’s technical wizards and innovative products — has created the magic inventor of the product, and then ignore their habits.

from the touch network to the present, but also in the network on top of the roll grinding, fight for ten years, but the beginning of the game career can not count. From the beginning of contact with the network, which is 99 years at that time just have , or a thin penguin. At that time, only as a chat tool, I did not think of his value, then casually apply all 7 digit number, and sometimes can apply to 6. None of this is said. Contact Wangzhuan is started with the hook 00 years villain Cashfiesta, I believe a lot of friends have, there is an ad in a small run, sometimes even a mouse to the point. I was also doing a web page, when it was a great thing to have a web page. There were a lot of people out there. I also searched on the Internet, some friends say that is a liar, and some say they can receive money. But I did it for three months, and when I paid $100, I had more than 50 referrals, and they were asking me if I had received the money. I was very excited about the night I applied for the payment. I didn’t sleep very well. The second day, when I visited the website again, the account didn’t show up, and I sent them an email. They don’t go back either. I knew it and got cheated.

I called hadrons, although my Wangzhuan road is a bit miserable, but I am now Wangzhuan circle master oh. Mainly in the process of do Wangzhuan I had lost a lot of money. The higher now have such a great success, thanks to spend 30 dollars to the 9981 network center. So now let me happy and results in here and share my bitter Wangzhuan trip. I hope everyone can give them a lesson.

but I didn’t give up. I saw an ad one day and earned 200 yuan a day. I was shocked at the moment! Never had a warm blood on my body surging. Below, I did something I had never thought of, contacted the of the project and paid $300 directly to his bank. Waiting… Received a website, domain name space is that he helped to apply for. SP project is done, I call the money to the 779 Union, in the evening peatlands on it. I rushed 100 yuan to the flow chain again. It was shining that night. Up in the morning to see, income is only 28 yuan… I don’t understand, and ask him if he did something wrong, I see the tutorial >

, foreign Wangzhuan lost confidence, so dizzy to 08 years of work in a company, because too idle, and the Internet to find a part-time job to earn a little money, inadvertently found a code. At that time, there were a lot of tasks for playing yards, so I built a group, I played it first, then I shared my experience and went to an agent. Dozens of people, when my downline, then can earn about 1-2 yuan per hour. Can also play a 5-10 yuan per day. After playing for a week, my waist and neck were gone. Because the intensity of labor is too great. Have to give up. Transferred to a friend.

follows Ross’s record in the Digg and Milk jobs and interviews with people who work with Ross or those who know him well. Up to now, Ross himself has made no mention of the content of the article.

just 6 years ago, Digg was a popular Internet innovation company, and has turned down many offers. News Corp wanted to bid $60 million to buy the company. Former US Vice President Al ·, Gore AlGore, has also considered buying his CurrentTV interactive television service. shlf1314 nearly $200 million acquisition of Digg transaction ultimately failed.

can say that Ross’s career is an example of the cycle of unfulfilled promises. Colleagues see Ross as an outstanding product designer and have a mysterious sense of the perfect user experience, but he also has no interest in daily activities. Ross two important project – Milk development laboratory and The sun sinks in the west. mobile news aggregation site Digg– Shututonggui fate and it also proved that the nature of Ross.

Ross was originally a IT technician at TechTV television. A very fortuitous opportunity, he inadvertently participated in the famous host Leo ·