Four years of hardships — Zhu Gao and his Laiwu urban network

metropolitan area network ( the general manager called Zhu Conggao, he was born in 80, after several years of entrepreneurship, the face was a bit more mature, as he joked, oneself already from 20 years old to 40 years old directly across. Four years of business, integrity management, so that his business road wider and wider.

[2006] starting from personal interests to city networks,

contact network should be in 1998, but familiar and hot love network is in university period, when learning computer major, already is very popular professional, so more familiar with the network. During my college years, I created my first website with my classmates. It was about a network TV website. At that time, the best time, the website has 200 yuan a day, a month down there are about 6000 yuan, at that time, as a student himself is not a small income. Through the University 4 years of continuous accumulation and study, for their own business laid a good foundation. In 2005, after graduating from college, with their love of the Internet and the future of the network optimistic, I returned to Laiwu, ready to start their own businesses. I have also considered doing some of the national travel website, after all, just come back, Laiwu is not very understanding. However, when I saw that the development of Laiwu’s network was relatively backward, I felt that the local website would certainly have a promising future, so I decided to make a local website in Laiwu.

the second half of 2005, with love and impulse, I started my first network career! Is a computer, I am a person doing, the office is in the home, from the content to the website editor to modify technology website promotion are completed by ourselves. The first step is to choose a better domain name, simple and easy to remember. Later, from the Internet found, someone sold, I think 0634 is the Laiwu area code, I and the other party through a number of calls, the final price at 8000 yuan, at that time, this price is not low. I remitted 8000 yuan to the other side. After I bought it, I thought it was very unsafe. If the other party didn’t speak credit, I would have been cheated myself. Domain name selection, and I have been worried about the program, and find a lot of inappropriate. At the beginning of 2006, I finally decided to buy a company in Chongqing, the entire station program, then the company is no longer the upgrade program was developed, considering the development impact on the site, in 2006 November was forced to change the program to change the program, just to accumulate popularity at once to destroy, the site had to start a new development, should also be considered in this website development way a small setback!

[2007] from personal operations to corporate operations,

after a period of operation, I think that if you want to develop the company, relying on my own strength, certainly not. Thus, after a period of preparation, Laiwu Tengda Information Technology Co., Ltd. officially registered, so I also by A.