Window opening and closing – 100 Valley Romance Series 1 experience problems seen by the two major s

window opening and closing – 100 Valley Romance Series 1, the two largest search experience experience

I usually boring often pay attention to the home page design problem of Baidu and goolge. Today the LORD said about a little details. You may notice the front page of Baidu logo pictures you can click directly into the Baidu developed their products – space, basic is the official Baidu recorded a log type blog, the best interactive platform the official and the Internet. Looking into the details of the space of the home page, it can be more comprehensive to let people see the development process and all the log. I think the idea is goolge, and later Baidu search page revision to cancel the previous frame, the text is also taken from these creative blue connection goolge. it is the basic essence of Baidu copied past.

contrast goolge instead can’t carry forward his own advantages under his home into the picture is the log of the BLOG class blackboard, but is entering a year regardless of 3-5 did not change the people will always be the origin of flat and uninteresting, Google introduced. Instead of his, his so the blackboard updated content is hidden deeper, and in the above Google introduced the page I tested could not connect to the blackboard home directly, so it is difficult to see his friends the updates to communicate with users exchange, which closed their a home the best exchange window, this is a failure on the contrary, even in.

The students surpass the teacher. rival Baidu

these small details of the experience also look out goolge failures, but its search content relative to Baidu is much better.. our grassroots usually you can own site optimization.

some of the details from the big two experience to learn from good experience better

there are many small details about the two, so please look forward to the next episode. I’m looking forward to exchanging.

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