Solutions for web content sources in the education and training industry

in recent years a lot of education and training industry will gradually move toward the Internet, the civil service exam training, English training, chef training, primary and secondary school students composition training etc. many, want to use search engines to get traffic to drive the line more students, very much to the education and training industry website optimization webmaster do not know education and training industry website what kind of content, what content is most in need of the user, in their industry, what kind of content that has unique differences of their peers and there is no progress on these problems, many owners have been groping in today, but also to share operation method on the education and training industry website content source address.

1. User requirements satisfaction

users are important to every industry, and it is especially important for the education and training industry. Therefore, the user needs of the education and training industry are the first thing we must study and satisfy.

we’re going to dig our training target users what needs, so our site navigation and forum settings will go to settings from the needs of this point, we have to consider a desired user training to our website he needs most is what, if not from our starting point our goal of training needs of users even if our navigation section in more complex and is of no avail, but will affect the user to find the valuable information.

we put these training target users need most content on our website, we can put our product information price information and so on to give a proper exposure to these contents, rather than directly on the site put on our product or price information, so that the user can not find what he wants the content will also make our products and price information into a disturbing content, interfere with the user seeking the real needs of their own content. (as shown in)

this civil service exam training website navigation and plate layout is based on user needs to set the

navigation settings

if our navigation settings aren’t reasonable, even if the content is added more, it’s not good for websites and users,

home page a few main section, set


two, website content difference, value

The content of different

here, we mainly refers to the content source unique to the industry compared to other competitors, if we have the resources, we have an advantage in doing the content, such as the civil service exam site if your website has other sites in the same industry are not questions or video to explain, or if the whole industry in the civil service examination questions have not reached the free download for users to open, if you do the first on the one hand, then your website will accumulate a lot of target users in the short term traffic, so.