Build a day P twenty thousand station, in fact, you only have to grasp three points

1. first of all, you are a new, good location, began to develop, the first step, if you want to develop IP on the twenty thousand station, must first have a server, because it can ensure your development station capacity, or you have a very good space, this is the premise, then the space, sponsored website in each big forum activities sponsored IP on more than 1K or 5K station, each of several G space, the exchange condition is pop ads (a lot of traffic, no capital owners would like), if he does not support the pop can, the pictures and text connection, try to put more advertising pictures better, the best advertising with GIF, because many IE are now blocked FLASH format, so you use advertising to let more people see advertising content, to attract people, must be enough Enough to attract them into your station, if your station is sponsored forum, then do image ads or the future, the future traffic is very large, the general IP two thousand or three thousand forum, the basic half will look at the future of your content, you can see behind, the future content of station or other large BBS posts, traffic is very huge, and the future of the webmaster, they are willing to accept advertising cooperation, the future as a regular change of advertising content, the content must be attractive, updates faster! So, keep your station in less than two within a month, IP can definitely over twenty thousand, do not believe you can try.

2 QQ group, and Post Bar Post Bar, you know, I am not here to talk nonsense, QQ group, to enter the more special QQ group in AD, AD content in the QQ group chat with, what is called talk? You don’t want to master identity and to send. They are ordinary people within the group, that is you stand the visitor’s identity, for example, the first one, you have not seen XX movie? Super good ah, good people, good horror, very excited, so basically everyone is attracted to you, this time people will ask you where see, you can be generous AD, even if you don’t have the content, but as far as possible, after all, stand to do is to have meaning. Can refer to the AD, or released blockbuster news, so you can attract a lot of IP, such as false news, Jay Chou Taiwan paparazzi chase, lead to an accident, this topic is very attractive, in group A, many people will ask you where to see, you send your address is this, that you see here, do not know the true and false, then don’t use this title appears content to your site, and to Jay Chou Taiwan paparazzi chase, causing an accident? Appeared in the form of a question mark, then the contents can be casually said, according to a report, what what, so what made, he will not be responsible for liability, and can change a lot of the IP station and other discussion, can let others on your station to produce a very strong interest, so your station is not only with the flow, and With a large number of regular customers. IP twenty thousand is simply too small. >