Taobao zern off contest broadcast Xmas War ended rookie deus ex

last Christmas 2012 years ago at the end of a carnival, "world famous Taobao shoes zern guest" promotion competition [the second season] Christmas cycle also successfully concluded……

from the beginning of the first season promotion contest, "reversal", "record", "back then overtake" these words never stop too, fierce fighting to use a word to describe today not tomorrow. Broadcast last week was named rookie of the week I’m not surnamed Li, a green hand first week turnover of 2 pens, second weeks of precise positioning in one fell swoop jumped to 9 pen, this week the outbreak of turnover of 43 pens! Only three weeks to the first batch of predecessors three months to complete the things this week a total of 3191.25 yuan commission! On the contrary, potential aggressive! Last week in the Christmas list results third startling step by step following last week to low-spirited ah, only 1 transaction. The combination of the two makes the ultimate transcendence I surnamed Li, soared to third in the list of Christmas performance last week, the "rookie of the year king deserved


over the past two weeks zern held "gold coin", "Juhuasuan" and other special events, Taobao generally rose guests of the transactions, so to keep attention to zern activities, to achieve beyond can grasp the opportunity. As for the first two, there is no suspense, by the double king Yu Qingping 2 and Taobao union VIP media swept, respectively, won 187 and 137 pen transactions, far ahead.

This week

scores, 2 brother Yu Qingping Zhou Guanjun won 2 consecutive weeks, calm and composed, and take this week, the single highest Commission of 149.7 yuan, a total of 5048.7 yuan commission! New, 323423 new awards last week to get the Zhou Kuangkan 27 pen, with 2726 yuan total Commission, only second weeks! What is beyond my name is Li of the potential jump up speed, high-quality new men’s


at the end of Christmas period after new year’s day new cycle starts immediately! Cumulative promotion cjbs top three will receive 100 yuan in 12.25 to 12.31 during the holiday gifts, only a period of weeks Oh, burst friends


[hot shoes]

zern is gold and Taobao jointly held the "gold anniversary" special activities, "the Vikings" high help series and "Pamir" business casual series is still the main transaction. In addition, the New Year approaching, special events will be adjusted slightly, you participate in the activities of friends, please pay more attention to the activities of the main push shoes


zern shop


Christmas wars results

three: Yu Qingping 2, Taobao alliance VIP media, I do not surnamed Li, each received 300 yuan

holiday gifts!

[Week Award winner (12.16-12.24)], you can get 50 yuan reward