Analyze five common causes of site failures



every webmaster in the website online early time ", it is the Greek aspiring" websites can have a space for one person in the domestic Internet, followed by some money, the idea is good, but in fact it is very cruel, when you are in the domestic Internet no technology, no money, no idea when never mind, you will find that you want to do a website is how difficult, which is why there are so many personal webmaster, but success is a number of reasons, so you know why there are so many website operators failed? If not so understanding. Take a look at the following, I according to some information on the Internet in recent years, and some do stand experience, summed up several leads to failure of website operation Important factor,


1) site positioning problems, the original station is only blindly follow the trend,

a lot of people in the construction site have not thought of website positioning, also did not want their own website group is the user group, but see the website, the website more money, we blindly follow together, never thought you could do it, after all they do carry webmaster success does so because it may make money this industry is very understanding, know their own strengths here, so we can do so successfully, then to make money, but if we master on the industry in this field is not so understand, but Adsense is blindly follow the trend, how could such website do the


2) site daily traffic visitors scarce, Adsense did not increase promotion,

is the most common cause of failure of website operation, website traffic every day visitors scarce webmaster has been seventeen distressing things, after all, the website want progress and want to have a space for one person in the domestic Internet, you see is this site has no visitor flow enough, if the website you are visitor traffic every day scanty, I think no matter how hard the site in Webmaster, do what good are useless, because nobody knows! So, webmaster want to own website development, is the best way to increase the net Bi visitor traffic every day, otherwise the site will certainly fail


3) the site uses a free space domain name. It doesn’t take long to be shut down.

According to

statistics I get, can cause failure of the operation site is because of personal webmaster website is using a free space with free domain caused, because the free space with free domain name is not real money after all buy back, basically what is difficult to guarantee, sometimes with the use of space business will be because of what reason and forced to delete your site, make your site "fail", and because of this reason of Web site operators failed proportion has already accounted for twenty percent.