Grassroots webmaster do links, pay attention to the 5 methods and main points summary

one. Pr high station:


case 1:A, the Pr value is 3 and his connection is only 5. Then the Pr value is relatively high.


Pr value of the 2:B station is 5, and there are only 70 connections for him. Then the Pr value is relatively low.

public welfare sites, it is best to see one to do one, because they are relatively high weight,

and not easy to be punished by search engines,.Org domain name is generally a public service web site.

two. Link writing:

to " US non mainstream " for link text, link address is:

, this must remain unique, do not sometimes bring WWW, and sometimes without www., so share the benefits of friendship between.

three. How do the search engines look at external connections (

)? values the quality of external connections

What values is the quantity that adds friendship on the basis of external connection quality more emphasis on the quality of external connections than Baidu

four. Skills and methods of exchanging friendship here search friendship links, plus group exchange in the group.

2., Baidu Post Bar search, link messages, and look for message exchange.

3. when exchanging connection with each other, you must exchange and chat records, so as not to forget!


4. exchange connection, most sites have no direct contact, usually E-MAIL

at this point, you need to be patient, methodical, and

your station and why you do it

benefits, and so on, should be written clearly, and then wait for reply.

five. Friendship connection after exchange should pay attention to matters

1. often checks your connection station and does not cancel your connection.

2. know in time that the station you connected is penalized.

3. in time to supplement the number of friendship connections you stand.