Personal webmaster experience career Adsense outlet

more and more people into the ranks of the webmaster, not because the webmaster particularly good money, but the owners of the entry of more and more low, as long as the little HTML spend 100-200 yuan can become a small station, but because of low entry, a lot of information collection, the garbage station filled with the Internet constantly. And the search engine had a large number of K station sites do more good.

I remember when an entry-level webmaster is very good, the second half of 2004, the first time I made a website, it does not need what promotion, just buy a good space, then get some content, hang GGAD, as long as a month to update, waiting for each month at the end of the number dollars, and the monthly mobile phone registered what, customized ringing tone, then head of the life is really moistenned, every month received a cheque, really miss that time! Hey, say that now the alliance now basically no one to do, GGAD is also sometimes amazing low price, price could reach $0.01 one click, traffic is not too good, Baidu all day letter station, K station, station end really, now advise you small webmaster a word, give up garbage station, it is already good times once, now Don’t dream of collecting money from a collection of websites, and that’s a higher chance of winning the lottery.

now that to change the original mode of the website, not confined to the site of the advertising alive, think of what we have now good resources, such as, stone, I was in Hebei I through friends find a manufacturer, to help him sell mushroom, rather than rely on advertising revenue it is one hundred and eight thousand., but also particularly easy, do not worry about all day what time GGAD your account to the closure, there are a lot to do, and combined with the real life is the way.

although the article is short, but really a train of thought, hope to be able to do professional Adsense people some enlightenment!