Yingkou Federation of trade unions recognition of 14 outstanding entrepreneurial results

under the help of the policy, Yingkou has a lot of entrepreneurial enterprises to develop up, and promote employment at the same time, but also to promote the development of the economy. Recently, the Yingkou Federation of trade unions in recognition of 14 outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship, let us take a look at it!

3 on the morning of 31, the Yingkou Federation of trade unions held a demonstration of outstanding achievements in innovation and Entrepreneurship of female workers in Yingkou, the results of the recognition of the outstanding achievements of the innovation of the 14. Yingkou Municipal Committee, the chairman of the Federation of trade unions to participate in the meeting and award winning team.

4 female workers entrepreneurial projects

the innovation achievement award since mid January of this year officially started, the municipal (county) positive response area of trade unions, trade unions, trade unions of the park. After layers of selection, a total of more than and 40 outstanding projects to participate in the review of the trade unions and the evaluation team of the expert review group. The final award of the 14 outstanding achievements with diversity, multi domain characteristics, high technology content, some of which have also won the national patent".



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