Li Dongsheng the nternet so that the public entrepreneurship has acceleration

Internet is a catalyst of public business, I believe we all agree, in the era of change not only changed people’s way of life and cognition, even entrepreneurial approach has also been changed in NPC and CPPCC on Li Dongsheng said, the Internet makes public business with acceleration.

2016 two sessions, the public entrepreneurship, innovation and innovation again as the two sessions hot words in the government work report is highlighted. The National People’s Congress, Limited by Share Ltd TCL Group Chairman and chief executive officer Li Dongsheng in the guest China economic network said, "double" and "double" difference, entrepreneurship and innovation are quite different.

"innovation" is anyone working in the enterprise, or your own business, you can choose innovation. "Public entrepreneurship" is equivalent to their own choice of a direction to their own responsibility for the results.

and this in the traditional industry accumulation, often takes a relatively long time, so almost all of the new products, new technologies, new patents are from large enterprises. But over the past few years completely changed, the new economic model of the United States Silicon Valley changed the rules to encourage the public entrepreneurship for the transformation of China’s economy is of practical significance.

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