China nnovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in Massachusetts nstitute of Technology

now the whole society is in an era of innovation and entrepreneurship, under the background of such a venture, anywhere in the world, people pay attention to and promote entrepreneurial activities at the same time, a variety of business forum has been carried out.

23, from Longgang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chinese Tianan digital city innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF) jointly organized the "Silicon Valley train – Massachusetts Institute of Technology China Innovation Forum" held in Longgang Tian An digital city. On the day of the forum activities organized by government agencies, Shenzhen well-known venture capital institutions, incubators, parks, large enterprises and other involved in the interpretation of innovation and entrepreneurship environmental policy, the exchange of Sino US venture.


today in such a new era of entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Forum held background, can be said to have been particularly critical, some can deepen exchanges between entrepreneurs everywhere, ultimately promote people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm.


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