Henan working sister Jiang Yufeng opened a queue of companies to earn tens of thousands of dollars

Chinese people, all kinds of opportunities are less, so queuing has become a common thing, which makes a lot of people worry. However, there are people from here to seize the business opportunities, to open a line of companies, to earn tens of thousands of dollars, whether you are very envious of it?

Henan migrant Jiang Yufeng without a diploma, nor technology, but she saw a rich, she specialized in Guangzhou by getting in line to make money, and set up a queuing service company, hired 20 employees, China became the first legal "occupation queue", the average profit of her there are about 10 thousand yuan. read more

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Shaanxi Tang Ling eighteen decontamination detergent millennium was removed patina

For most of us,

has always been in awe of the heritage, and it is our duty to protect the cultural relics! However, in recent years more and more cultural relics without repeated destruction, we feel with deep hatred and resentment! Shaanxi Tang Ling eighteen "decontamination detergent" was removed for thousands of years it is how one thing?

5 5, Shaanxi photographer Hu Wugong released the eighteen "Tang Ling Shirengou Shima" bath "Millennium" patina by cleaning the posts on the network, causing hot friends quickly. May 6th, the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau to respond, said the post reflects the problem is not true, the cultural relics department has not arranged to clean, the scene is a natural phenomenon, mainly due to air pollution and acid rain caused by. read more

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Open home renovation shop easy to make money

countless entrepreneurs are thinking when can operate what product, if we can really start from the needs of the public, to provide true when there is a pressing demand for the public service, I believe the business will explode. For this reason, Xiao Bian here suggested that the majority of entrepreneurs who may wish to open a refurbished shop.

one, old jewelry, old watch refurbished shop


store renovation can remove all kinds of old jewelry, old watch the surface dirt and scratches, processed Gold & silver plating process can compensate the fade, dull defects, defects of the old can also watch and jewelry to repair the old fault. Refurbished color can be customized according to customer requirements, golden, bright silver and light chrome and other effects. read more

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What kind of home textile products consumers love

are high quality textile can make the majority of home users more healthy, so entrepreneurship in time to bring home textile products to choose good textile products is the key problem of textile products is every family will use the items, with the product development of the textile industry competition becomes fierce, each brand has its own characteristics and use your home, join the industry is a piece of money xiangbobo attracted the attention of many investors.

what kind of textile products, consumers love it, the quality of the products is the focus of attention of consumers, home textile projects set decoration, functional, health care in one. Investment in home textile projects or choose a reasonable support, complete categories, quality assurance of large brands. Join the project textile product design focus on comfort, enhance the taste of life, leading the fashion trend of the product development philosophy, attaches great importance to the choice of materials, many large textile brand are high-end fabrics and imported fabrics and synthetic natural materials, such products from technology to research is very secure. read more

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Chongqing how to help farmers increase income of new varieties of fruit lastingachievements – Networ

in many areas of life due to geographical reasons, leading to regional economic development is slow, but actively carry out innovation and development, become the way out of these areas of economic development! Recently, a reporter from the Chongqing State District Commission was informed that the middle peasants Jinhui peach, nectarine, spring summer black grapes, Jumeigui grape and Jin Qiuhong 5 new varieties of late maturing peach fruit fishing success in the area of introduction, this year a total of 10 thousand acres of the application, not only enrich the fruit market, promote employment, to help farmers increase income at the same time, green mountain wilderness soil and water conservation, water conservation, and its social benefit and ecological benefit is significant. read more

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Transform merchandising can enhance the commodity sales – net

for any of the retail stores, it is hoped that through all means to enhance the sales of goods, and shopkeepers are also paid a lot of effort. Today Xiaobian introduced is likely to change the commodity to change the business, so as to enhance the sales of goods, improve store operations, so that the owners are making more profits.

retail commodities have great profit comes from selling goods, as the owners will often take the goods in a shop the most important the most conspicuous place on the way to a certain extent, to provide consumers with the convenience of purchase, but because of some unsalable goods to display hidden inconspicuous, caused by the customer continue to ignore the backlog, which sold and unsalable goods in stark contrast to a certain extent, affect the overall performance of the. How to change this situation? It’s time to do some work on your display. read more

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Jilin how to solve the farmers’ difficulties in selling

in the life of the majority of farmers rely on their own land to survive, but sometimes although the harvest is good, but it is difficult to sell a good price in the market is difficult. The current time when the Northeast grain harvesting season, commodity grain in Jilin Province, recently introduced corn acquisition loan credit guarantee fund management approach, to determine the 800 million corn acquisition credit guarantee fund, reform and boost the purchasing and storage system, to solve the difficulties in selling, and the following Xiaobian look at specific. read more

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China ten brand list – the whole

which market is hot, there is no doubt that the women’s market is certainly one of them, after all, women’s shopping ability is not generally strong. Moreover, the number of girls in Taobao shopping will be the number of clothing. In the daily life of girls common shopping is clothing and cosmetics, although Taobao cosmetics online and dresses as many categories, the price is much cheaper than to buy in the store, but because a lot of girls worry about quality problems, so women’s taobao.com sales is higher than in cosmetics. read more

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Join the Ukraine fried road oolong tea fashion choice

summer is coming quietly, the market is gradually hot tea. Small business choose to join the black dragon black tea? Entrepreneurship is a good project, all the year round earn oh. Easy to learn fast start, the success of entrepreneurship is just around the corner!

to join the black dragon black tea to lead the new wave of industry. And drink a lot of brands Ukraine fried way oolong tea, in new tea in developing very rapidly, the fried Oolong Tea Road to join, without technology, flexible investment, a store at most stores, small and medium sized business is a good choice, drinks have become hot single product high streets and back lanes, super, pedestrian street, as long as there are people where there is a beverage shop, fashion drinks are covering the market quickly, to bring you a new wave of industry. read more

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