nternet business success (five) simply add search function for the website

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

two, website maintenance three major common sense

three, improve website PageRank, coup

four, site exchange links, but also beware of fake

five, against illegal websites that violate content,

six, simple configuration allows the web server as strong as iron read more

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Webmaster friend let you easily increase the amount of visits

1. write soft text

unconscionable to fry several soft wen. Online articles are reprinted a lot, many garbage collection functions are used. We use it to make hyperlinks in the article. This note, do not do join too obvious, easy to be administrator found! Do some suggestions of punctuation, don’t do too much, 1-2 good! So, they also collected off our connection in the acquisition time, increase the chain of us! There is, add the following a piece of code, so that others in the manual copy of our article, below will be the emergence of web effects from read more

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What are the earnings tips for decoding B2B sites

advertising revenue, membership fees, offline activities and other revenue are the main sources of revenue for B2B sites, but in practice, the use of some skills often leads to a big increase in revenue. I decode some of the usual B2B website income skills. Of course, these techniques apply to some B2B sites that already have a certain customer base and have a niche in the industry.

changes website advertising rule

‘s profitable B2B web site has its unique features, but the common point is that advertising revenues make up a large portion of the revenue. This is because the scale effect of the B2B website is very significant, and the more members it contains, the greater the value of the products developed by the website, the easier it is to make profits. Alibaba, for example, is not very dependent on advertising. But other B2B sites can only rely on advertising because they are unable to attract large numbers of members. The disadvantage is that after advertising to achieve profitability, the site has a natural increase in advertising impulse. As a result, more and more advertisements, the experience is getting worse and worse. General advertising pricing reference factors include: similar site pricing, industry profits, corporate benefits, advertising position, website indicators and so on. It is in the form of price tags. This pricing has its drawbacks, that is, the value of the site may be underestimated, the future prospects may be underestimated. So some B2B sites have changed the rules of ad placement. A spot auction is used to sell advertising bits. It can be online auction or offline auction. Auctions can stimulate buyers’ enthusiasm and passion. The form of ad auction avoids the communication between competitors, so that the price of the auction can really reflect the value of the website advertisement. According to the author’s understanding: for advertising auction, its overall income is higher than the price of a separate sale. Of course, to carry out advertising auction, first of all to do a premise, that is, for advertising optimization, not advertising the more the better, but the quantity is appropriate, publicity effect is the best. read more

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Li Dongsheng the nternet so that the public entrepreneurship has acceleration

Internet is a catalyst of public business, I believe we all agree, in the era of change not only changed people’s way of life and cognition, even entrepreneurial approach has also been changed in NPC and CPPCC on Li Dongsheng said, the Internet makes public business with acceleration.

2016 two sessions, the public entrepreneurship, innovation and innovation again as the two sessions hot words in the government work report is highlighted. The National People’s Congress, Limited by Share Ltd TCL Group Chairman and chief executive officer Li Dongsheng in the guest China economic network said, "double" and "double" difference, entrepreneurship and innovation are quite different. read more

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Jewelry stores how to promote holiday products

In fact,

is now almost in every different holidays, will be a lot of business opportunities, at the same time, in some holiday custom, some shops to successful marketing products, or to focus on some marketing strategies. How to develop a suitable and effective promotion plan?

A, rich product is the key. Holidays as a peak sales period, only to ensure adequate supply of goods, the quality of goods in order to achieve steady growth in turnover. A variety of sales strategy is only an auxiliary means, diverse styles, dazzling commodity is the key to attract people’s attention. In addition, reliable quality, quality service will be your store turnover growth to make no small contribution. Therefore, in the holidays to ensure that the style of the product, quality and adequate supply, in order to be busy in the holidays, to ensure that your sales performance to a higher level. Joyce adorn article join in this especially attention, each greatly small festival before, headquarters will be ready for rich holiday products, and remind each jewelry stores in a timely manner to purchase, with no experience of jewelry stores, will join headquarters specifically for its franchisees to do the purchase guide. read more

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How can small sellers will sell goods to burst

almost every seller will want their commodity sales, however, some small sellers because of money and manpower constraints, can not do all kinds of publicity, it will naturally make the merchandise sales affected. But the small sellers who can grasp the following several skills, will be able to achieve the sale of goods oh. So, how can a small seller to sell goods to explode?

a lot of goods are seasonal, the most obvious is the clothes, we all hope that in the coming season when their baby can have a good ranking, there is a good harvest. However, seasonal commodities are generally very competitive, especially for small sellers, to those with strong financial strength of the big seller PK, the odds are very small. Therefore, the mention of blasting here is relatively speaking, with those who sell tens of thousands of pieces is indeed not a lot of time. How much power, how much work! If you want to come in the peak season, so that your goods sell burst, you can refer to the following five steps: read more

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Analysis of the market prospect of gold claw claw

dry pot, is a food and beverage franchisee to attract investment projects, the unique taste of the production process is simple, consumers like it. For small venture investors this is a good food and beverage investment projects. So what is the market outlook? Which kind of brand is better?

Chongqing claw claw dry pot with its unique taste, fresh raw materials, nutrition, the rapid growth of the Chongqing cuisine, the representative of the end of the day, countless diners every day, a large number of consumers. Thus, the golden claw claw dry pot has a very good market prospects, is a good project to invest and start a business. Therefore, many investors to invest gold claw claw pot project as the first choice for investment and entrepreneurship. In addition, the investment gold claw claw pot to join the project, the gold claw claw pot joined the headquarters to join the franchisee to provide a lot of support, allowing you to easily achieve the wealth of life! read more

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