Pass the warmth of the report to the grassroots

Mayor Zhang Xiaorong made the government work report, between the lines are full of pragmatic for the people’s affection and love." Even the day to start, municipal people’s Congress and CPPCC members on the "government work report" a heated discussion, we believe that the report is encouraging and inspiring, embodies the love for people, for the people, warm, have said, take this warm transfer to every corner of the grass-roots level as soon as possible.

in the "12th Five-Year" period, the city in economic development, improve people’s livelihood, ecological construction and other fields has made new achievements, new breakthroughs, "12th Five-Year" successful ending, "13th Five-Year year" start planning work focused, effective measures. Municipal government to determine the 12315 development goals, in line with the provincial Party committee, the overall requirements of the 131, but also reflects the reality of the development of Xining, building a happy Xining in line with the broad masses of the city’s good expectations. "Government work report," the results of seeking truth from facts, concise, practical and accurate to talk about the problem in place, can be said to be a pragmatic and innovative, exciting report. The report objective and comprehensive summary of the work over the past five years, scientific and rational planning, put forward the "13th Five-Year" around the "12315" goal and the construction of "happy Xining" focus on the arrangements for the deployment of the city in 2016 the work objectives and tasks and priorities, after listening to the report, the heart shocked, in 2016, we have to work together innovation, to "dry in reality in the forefront," the spirit of a building "a new chapter of happy Xining".

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Let poor families enjoy the privilege

Director, I brought home the key, I go to school, can help me rent out the house, I will not come back during the summer vacation." The early morning of February 18th, people began to work, the provincial capital of Kunlun Road West Community Serena (a pseudonym) ready to pack up to go to school, before leaving, he deliberately went to the community, the two keys home to the king of our community director’s hand, he wants to let the community staff help will rent out their the house.

"we like Serena this area particularly difficult family and 6 households." Wang Yuting said that she had made in front of Serena, but the installation fee how to solve? I had to bite the bullet to Xining oil and gas co.." Wang Yuting did not think of is, soon, gas companies have the answer: free installation for Serena, including 7 poor households.

soon, the construction team began to install wall boiler Wang Yuting went from door to door, Serena home keys, "was as cold as ice, his father in the home for the winter every year, nearly 2000 yuan to buy coal for heating, since the death of his father, the winter house never too warm." In those days the installation of natural gas, the staff of the community will be cleaned both inside and outside of the room.
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City land tax bureau to carry out special inspections of listed companies tax

The day before the Inspection Bureau of Local Taxation Bureau in the city within the scope of the special tax inspection work carried out in Listed Companies

day before the Inspection Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau within the city to carry out special inspections of the tax work of listed companies.

listed company size, financial management norms, the informatization level is advanced, especially the emerging capital operation belongs to a specific market, and capital transactions lucrative, but the grass-roots tax authorities on the capital market operation mode and policy understanding insufficiency, resulting in capital gains tax situation is not optimistic, and the amount of tax returns is clearly disproportionate, the capital market tax collection there are a lot of blind spots. To this end, the Inspection Bureau of Local Taxation Bureau has organized a special business training, invite provincial accounting and tax experts teaching, learning and communication between the organization of cadres, cadres to help inspectors master financial management software system of listed company accounting and characteristics of listed companies, while deployed business ability and rich experience in inspection backbone before the check desk check analysis, gradually clear ideas, develop and improve the scheme of the special tax inspection of listed companies. Currently, the Council has selected 2 read more

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First job and then job fairs into a bright spot

At present, new graduates entering the "four establishments" sprint. On the afternoon of April 15th, the evening news to join the talent exchange center of Qinghai University, the 2015 graduates of the campus recruitment will be as scheduled, the participants of the enterprise 55, providing more than 1500 jobs, thousands of people to participate in the recruitment. Number of jobs more than the number of jobs, industry talent demand is evident.

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